Position on Jail

I oppose a new jail currently; it is not a financially sound decision. We have been thrown into an economic downturn do to COVID-19.

 We do not know the full effect this will have on the county in the short term or long term.  It has changed the way we shop, socialize and basically how we live our lives.  It has caused a considerable expense to the county government. We do not know how much it will cost the county until it is over.

I know the county officials would love a state of art JAIL.  It has good aspects to it. It has mental health accommodations that would help. It would eliminate transporting prisoners. (Prisoners are not the right term most of these citizens of Yavapai County. That will be released after seeing the judge and/or make bail if they can afford it.).  It will consolidate the Justice system services.

$70,000,000 is an incomprehensible figure, in a time where some people are wondering if they will have a job or lose their business. It is unprecedented times when there are more food banks and food giveaways then there are schools in Yavapai County.  Place this tax burden on the citizens when they are wondering how they are going to pay their current tax bill.

I was appalled when I read that that the county NEVER obtained bids for to remodel the structure on Gurley Street it up to code.  I thought this would be the first option. It seems it was never considered.

I watch how I spend my money.  I think county elected officials should, too. There needs to be more fiscal responsibility in county government. One of the many reasons I am running for County Supervisors District 4.